The Phases

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PHASE 1: ORIENTATION (Approximately 2-4 weeks
During the two-week orientation period, you should be adjusting to living at Visitation House. You will be helped at every step as you learn the rules, adjust the to the new faces here, and start making new friends with the other residents. You will not see your family or friends until this phase is completed, however you may see your children with approval from Case Manager.
1. Learn the rules and policies of Visitation House.
2. Identify one problem area in your life and plan to make it better.

3. Begin working Case Management Plan

4. Focus time on finding employment.
1. Complete autobiography journal assignment.
2. Create Vision Board of where you see your life 1 year from now.
3. Learn and follow house and program rules

4. Write about what the below Bible verses mean to you:

Matthew 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
LUKE 6:31 Do to others as you would have them do to you
During phase 2, you are expected to know and follow the rules of Visitation House. In phase 2, a resident is beginning to take initiative in every area. You should be working on your issues and beginning to take initiative in every area. You should be working on your issues and beginning to trust and openly discuss your needs. Phase 2 is time to develop coping skills as you learn to work to overcome past hurts, disappointments and memories.
At this phase you must be increasingly more responsible and trustworthy. You should be reliable in the house.
1. Learn respect, honesty and communication.
2. Begin spending quiet time with the lord.
3. Learn to deal with emotional and spiritual issues.
4. Learn to confront peers properly.
5. Learn what to do when confronted by others.
6. Maintain trustworthiness and display leadership qualities.
7. Obtain employment.
1. The House phone may be used to make appointments, family and friends phone calls at the discretion of the house mother.
2. Mail- may receive mail from family and an approved list of friends. All mail may be subject to approval by staff.
3. Necessary appointments will be allowed (fill out schedule sheet)
4. Blessing closet available every Wednesday (you may choose 3 items)
1. Must have employment
2. Discuss what this bible verse mean to you:
The Philippians 4:13 meaning is for those who are struggling.
Transition phase is when residents have become mature leaders, taking responsibility and being trustworthy. The primary focus is to obtain permanent housing and/or family reunification, while continuing to follow the rules of the program.
1. Build an outside support system.
2. Obtain housing.
1. May sign-in/out as permitted by curfew outings (fill out schedule sheet for appointments).
2. May request for a weekend pass. (Approved by the designated board member).
3. Blessing closet available every Monday and Wednesday.

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