Are You …

Pregnant and at least 18 years old? 
Free of all active substance abuse? 
Willing to perform household chores and other community tasks? 
Willing to abide by our  RULES in a family environment? 

If so, please work through these steps: 

Admission Steps:

1. Read the RULES that you will follow. 
2. Read the PHASES you will work through. 
3. Apply by filling-out the  ONLINE APPLICATION or printed-form application.  

We are here for you.

Residents follow a three phase process.

Phase 1:  Orientation

During the two-week orientation period, you should be adjusting to living at Visitation House.  You will be helped at every step as you learn the rules, adjust to the new faces here, and start making new friends with other residents.  You will not see your family or friends until you completed the orientation. 

Phase 2: Living at Visitation House

During Phase 2, you are expected to know and follow the rules of Visitation House.  In phase 2, a resident is beginning to take initiative in every area. You should be  working on your issues and beginning to trust and openly discuss your needs.  Phase 2 is a time to develop coping skills as you learn to work to overcome past hurts, disappointments and memories.   At this phase you must be increasingly more responsible and trustworthy and be reliable in the house.

Phase 3:  Leadership

The Leadership phase is when residents have become mature leaders, taking responsibility and being trustworthy.  The primary focus is to obtain permanent housing and/or family reunification, while continuing to follow the rules of the program.

An Introduction to the Visitation House: